New High Attract Range

 Imperial High Attract Range 


With the release of the bottom bait Imperial range due in April we thought we should really mention the matching High Attract Range that will accompany it.


We don’t normally add a HA section to the food baits we offer, however when they are this good it would be scandalous of us not too!



Every flavour combination in our High Attract range of pop ups and glugs have been producing consistent results for over 20 years. Can you say that about your current bait ?


The imperial is no different, a flavour combination that was over looked time and time again yet when used correctly was hard to rival. The journey this range has been on started with a young angler during the 1990’s trying his hardest to buy a bite, to now becoming commercially available as of April.


The story doesn’t end there..


To be continued


Release: April 2020

Info: 15mm / 13mm Super Buoyant/Glug